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We represent companies affected by negative reviews on, Yelp, and other business review websites.  We can often negotiate the removal of content from review sites, based on our pre-existing relationships with the website.  In cases where we are unable to come to a resolution with the offending site, we help you explore your legal options.  We do not simply “bury” or hide reviews (known in the Reputation Management industry as “burials”), our goal is to erase the negative reviews completely to clean our clients reputation online.  If you have negative reviews, and would like to hear what we can do for you, fill in the form above, or give us a call.

It seems like every week, there is a new complaint based website popping up, offering consumers the opportunity to give a negative review of a business.  While intuitively this would seem like a good thing, informing the public of scammers and companies to stay away from, in practice these sites are a nightmare for many legit and honest businesses.

With the size of many of these review sites, they will eventually appear on the front page of Google when searching for your company or personal name.  The problem with this is that many of the “reviews” are false (written by competitors or former employees) or they are created by unreasonable customers and many prospects put great stock into these reviews.  In some industries, as much as 70% of prospects will review a company before going forward with a purchase.  Even the best companies can have issues with negative reviews.  Even if 99% of a company’s customers are satisfied, happy customers usually don’t take the time to post a review online.  As well, there aren’t any “positive” review sites that get nearly as much traffic and credibility as the negative review sites.  Negative review sites give prospective customers, suppliers, and partners a skewed view of your business dealings and can cause great harm in terms of lost sales and opportunities.  Our aim is to even the playing field, and fight on your behalf to delete harmful reviews of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are you associated with any of these complaint websites?

We do not own or operate any review website.  However, we have built relationships with many of the largest review sites on the web.  Our relationships, based on past negotiations removing pages, allow us to either negotiate the removal of the content directly with the website, or at least get the legal process started quicker.

I heard that no one can permanently remove content from sites like How can you?

It’s true that will not work with any business directly. However, having worked with them before, we are able to negotiate the removal of links in 90%+ of cases. It depends on the type of complaint.

What is the process?

Each case is different.  How many threads are there?  What types of reviews are they (ie do they allege fraud, or just customer service issues)?  What websites are the complaints posted on?  Do you know who posted the complaint?  All of these questions can affect how we go about solving your problem, and almost every problem has a solution.  With some websites we have a previous relationship, and are able to quickly negotiate the removal directly with the site.  In other cases, we help you explore your legal options and connect you with our experienced lawyer.


In some cases we do have a full guarantee to get the complaint removed, and you will not pay unless we are successful. In other cases, if the legal system needs to be used, we do not have a guarantee, but will provide an accurate overview of your options and the liklihood of success, before you go forward.

Time frame?

In some cases the complaint can be removed within a week.  In other cases it can take months.  It depends on the situation.


Our minimum cost is $500.  If the legal system is needed, in many cases it takes our lawyer less than 5-10 hours of work.  Again, it depends on the situation, and we will provide you with your options during our free assessment.

Why do I need you?

Most review sites are not willing to talk to businesses directly, and they claim that they will under no circumstance delete content.  With some of these websites, we have relationships where they will work with us privately.  Internet law and defamation is a unique area outside the skill-set and experience of many law firms, and most lawyers have much higher costs than our lawyer does.  Simply said, we have more experience, key relationships, and can likely do this at a lower cost than other competitors or lawyers you would hire.

Do you get compensation for your clients?

Most of our clients simply want the content to be removed, as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  However, yes, our lawyers do defamation cases and have successfully won defamation cases.

Does it matter if the complaint is true or false?

Not necessarily.

Does it matter if I know who did it?

No.  We can obtain this information in most cases.